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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 13, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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up-front about that. absolutely. allegedly -- cleaves tell theedly did not women. fore's putting her at risk a chronic, deadly disease. >> cleaves faces seven counts of attempt to transmit the hiv virus. needs to doaves time. >> it's immoral, something very serious. and he completely handled it the wrong way. >> but the defense attorney this case raises complicated questions. >> we're talking about a person withad intercourse somebody they met at a bar. this person did not use any kind of protection. were -- there were presumably no questions asked about mr. cleaves's medical history. >> now, we've also learned that cleaves is under investigation where he isounty from. we have also learned that the alleged victim discovered he had
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hiv after he left her home. backpack.s he called her, asked her to go through the pack. that's when she found his medical records. so far, the alleged victim in this case has tested negative hiv. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> okay, steven. thank you. well, now we turn to the latest case of ebola. learning moree about the dallas hospital employee who contracted the disease while treating thomas duncan, who died last week. is live with the new message from the cdc about all of this. think ebola,ge is alison. hospitals urging all to be extra vigilant. this today as the first person in the u.s. isla now listed in stable condition. is inr-old nina pham isolation at a dallas hospital. the critical care nurse, awake to loved ones, via
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face time. >> she is a person dealing with with an heroic and graceful spirit. incredibly concerned. concerned.ncredibly >> how did pham get ebola? protective gear while caring for duncan. wasf this one individual infected, within the isolation unit, then it is possible that other individuals could have infected as well. protocoln said somehow was breached. the nurses union says more than surveyed have not been properly trained to care for patients. >> caregivers are being blamed. and we're hearing they have not protocol, when we have been asking our hospitals throughout the country training. us with >> most say they just get referred to a website for
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information. this, as a flight from dallas to nashville, was quarantined a medicaldue to scare, even though officials said the sick passengers had no ortory of ebola contact travel to west africa. panic and hysteria becoming as much of a challenge as ebola itself. disposalouisiana waste facility backed up on plans to thomase west from duncan's texas apartment, after louisiana attorney general opted. the cdc said there is no live ebolaance that could be in those ashes. >> thank you, greta. now, ebola fears are growing in the u.s. and around the world. a d.c. physician's assistant, ebola has hit particularly close to home. memberst three family to the virus in just the past month. suzanne continues our team coverage. ofleon, a man by the name
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watched as ebola has his immediately family. >> in sierra leone, it's like a cannotou know, that you fight. lossarif is mourning the of three family members to the ebola virus. within the last month, two of his nephew innd sierra leone have fallen ill and died. feel very sad, very depressed. and overwhelmed. >> the northeast washington emigrateds assistant to the united states nearly 30 years ago. much of his family remains in the west african nation. he fears they are in harm's way, exposed to the deadly disease, not knowing who it will strike next. >> it's so sad, so depressing. it's one of the worst
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calamities. >> his 30-year-old younger brother, a cab driver, was the contract the virus. >> by the time you know you have are weak.e, you too weak to fight it. no medication to treat it. by the time they take you to the hospital... hishen it went to 60-year-old brother. pneumoniaght it was or diabetes. by the time we know his status, he starts to throw up. the next day, they say he passed away. >> and finally to his 20-year-old cousin, devastating his family. part of us is missing. >> he sent money to his family to help with treatment but this spread to his brothers and nephews quickly. he says ebola doesn't discriminate. he will lose more family and friends. >> unbelievable. thank you for that. he and hisgine what
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family are going through. >> terrible. >> coming up tonight at 5:30, how a local emergency crew reacted after an ebola scare over the weekend in d.c. bureau chief sam ford will have that story for us. the weathern to now. it's starting to feel and look like fall in the metro area. chief meteorologist doug hill in weather center with what's in store for this week. mid-week, doug. >> looks as though by wednesday we'll come under the influence storm system, a lot of rain and then we'll clear out nicely. way to describe it right now. 63, cloudy, misty, drizzly, with fog. be the story area-wide through this monday evening but nothing on doppler radar. in the no steadily rain expected until wednesday. temperatures, oling off. 63 in gaithersburg and hagerstown. and 68 at reagan national airport. through the evening, we'll see slowly,eratures drop
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stay above 60 for the most part with drizzle and fog. breezy, get'll get a little sunshine, and then off to the left-hand side of your that's the strong cold front creating a wide area of severe thunderstorms from the gulf coast. we'll deal with heavy rains and gusty winds throughout the day wednesday. we'll have more in a couple minutes. >> so former virginia first mcdonnell, is asking a judge for a delay in her sentencing. as you convict ready, remember, of nine corruption charges last month. her husband, the former governor, bob mcdonnell, was convicted of eleven of thirteen charges. is seeking a sentencing hearing february 16 instead of january 6. of herbecause one lawyers has a scheduling conflict. no word yet whether the judge change.rove the >> today marks one month since uva student hannah graham disappeared. graham's parents released a statement this afternoon as police are still trying to find her. part,tatement says, in
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quote, it is heartbreaking for us that the person or persons where hannah is have not come forward with that information. it is within their power both to all and fight mare for to relieve the searchers of their arduous task. jesse matthew, the suspect, is behind bars tonight. looking fors are more connections between matthew, graham's disappearance of virginia death tech student morgan harrington. police and the fbi made an a twitter threat made against an area high school. school in the high inwood was seen on twitter over the weekend. local authorities immediately got the fbi involved and arrested former student justin light. 21-year-old allegedly hacked someone else's twitter account make the threat. present -- present at all the schools there today. a a woman found dead behind
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hut in waldorf. the woman's body was found on crane highway. now the victim's husband is in the hospital after police went him.estion diane is live to explain what's going on with this story. this whole area behind the pizza hut here was blocked off last night after a in theas found dead parking lot. and now investigators are trying to figure out what the motive case. this hereby in this neighborhood -- in the neighborhood in waldorf, it's not often they see police activity. they say there were dozens of them dressed in area.t. gear in the >> all of a sudden, she saw this guy walking up the driveway carrying a gun. she ran back in the house. a turned out that man was police officer and told his wife to stay in the house. about an hour later, he says, zeroed in on this home,
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shining spotlights on the windows. of them climbed through the window. the police helped him so he know. fall, you >> it wasn't long before he says he saw the man they were after taken into custody. charles county investigators were led to the home after they found that man's wife dead here, than three miles away in the parking lot of this pizza hut off crane highway. authorities later discovered 36-year-old jennifer weyhenmeyer and her husband had been in an minutes before her body was discovered. they say it appears she had been multiple times. suv beingd he saw the towed away from their home, for evidence. >> there's something more going on. >> neighbors say another young out of the house just before the victim's husband was taken into custody. taken tod that he was a local hospital for a medical areuation, and that charges
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still pending in this case. big shift in nevada, gay members in the church. this new mind-set could church as aatholic whole. >> two children hurt. why everyone is now pointing fingers. >> and police believe at this point, it was a random act of violence. hear the story of one woman's violent night in
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>> the search is on tonight for a man who sexually assaulted a woman in northwest washington. over thesault happened weekend on kennedy street northwest. police first thought they were looking for a cab driver. but now, turns out that may not be the case. live to explain why. >> well, there was serious, -- emotional and physical trauma with this case. totime passes, she's begun remember more details. as we began our coverage on this story today, we actually ran into the victim. and she told us what happened to her, what she believe happened walking home was sunday morning. at first, she reported to police
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she'd beenlieves attacked by a cab driver in the 700 block of kennedy street northwest. she tells us today is she no longer believes that was the case. she suffered a head injury during this attack, which she says that sometime between 2:30 a.m., after wrapping up at work, she beliefs she took the bus -- believes she took the bus home and was walking along the sidewalk when a man pulled car. a she says it was a sedan. he got out of the car and attacked her. sexually assaulted. she received numerous physical injuries, acial head injury. she is shooken up and she's recall exactly what happened to her. d.c. police are in the midst of this investigation, trying to sort through the details. but this was a man she did not know. police are asking residents in womanrea if they heard a screaming, to please come forward. >> i don't think anybody is gonna say anything.
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because that's the silence. it's yourng is, if loved one being raped, would you speak out? i wish i could have a voice for woman. >> and this woman is hoping that others speak up on her behalf. have any information about what occurred here early sunday morning, you're asked to call d.c. police. live from northwest, i'm jennifer, abc 7 news. transit police in south philadelphia found a prosthetic leg, stolen from a veteran in a wheelchair, outside sunday's game.-giants football sonny forest jr. who is known the stadiumoutside during games told police he had taken off his prosthetic leg for when anoment intoxicated woman took the leg and ran off. my head and she is cutting through the cart. everybody knows me, throughout city. and i'm just down there,
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fun.ating, having >> so the leg was later found on a subway train. are now using surveillance video to possibly identify a suspect. threeay it appears that women actually took part in the theft. >> just when you think philly fans can't do anything crazier -- >> that's about as low as you go. >> catholic bishops say they're about to make a historic shift in how they treat gay and lesbian members of the church. hours ago, the bishops announced want to be more open to gays, saying they have gifts to iter in the church and should be accepted. this comes after the pope to judge? who am i in reference to his thoughts on catholics.bian >> all right. well, let's turn over to the weather today. glum.f dreary, >> days like this, i mean, umbrellasere's no needed. just kind of mists. if you really don't want to get
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think scotch guard -- >> that doesn't help the hair, though. >> but the only thing that's missing, our color in the trees. it's missing. couple weeks away from that. we'lllly, nice blue skies have, in time to enjoy the color. at least you don't have to shovel this kind of stuff. we have drizzle and fog in the air. somerow we'll get rid of of it as the winds pick up out of the south at a pretty good clip. will mix up the clouds and giver us a little -- give us a little sunshine and definitely warmer temperatures. wednesday, that's the day with all the rain and thunderstorms and gusty winds. 68 right now, looking outside at reagan national airport. winds light. area,ross the temperatures lower to middle 60's. 65 downtown. reading.t temperature alexandria.inch in one more stop in ashburn.
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64 with one quarter of an inch. been rain but most of it falling in the immeasurable mist.ry of drizzle and not a thing showing up on doppler and radar locally. night, we'll see rain, especially here nor the day on -- for the day on wednesday. 65 in manassas. baltimore at 63. annapolis at 65. a fewatures will fall more degrees. even though we've had a cloudy day, temperatures actually few degrees than they were this time yesterday. at reaganes warmer national. farther to the west, a more petersburg, 21 degrees warmer. that's some of the milder air southerly winds will begin mixing in our region tomorrow. south.mid to the this is what we have set up. very warm and humid air mass in place in the south. cooler air bnt -- behind this front. warm air with the it, and there's a line of very
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severe to violent thunderstorms stretched out between st. louis and the gulf coast. over the next 36, 40 hours or pull up moreg to moisture. that's why we're pretty certain we're going to deal with areas heavy rain wednesday .fternoon and night fsm then the clouds roll in tomorrow wednesday. wednesday, the clouds really get thick. by wednesday afternoon, that's heavy-duty rains will move through. clouds, drizzle and fog tonight. 65 overnight. tomorrow the temperatures will ramp up into the mid-70's. sunshine forugh another time, maybe some areas in the upper 70's tomorrow. there.ely the potential on see the rain likelihood wednesday. friday, upper 60's. weekend looks gorgeous. sunshine, very fall-like. this will be a great weekend timing-wise for the fall color. >> okay.
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love to look ahead to the weekend. on monday. >> folks at home will never know a crone this guy is. >> you may not even notice it heck outst banged the of -- >> all right. pro.e a >> go get the ben gay. >> and you were not moving like this! onis time for a switchup dancing with the stars. tonight, the celebrities will switch professional partners for the night. viewers chose their new new partner. who willt 8:00 to see rise to the top. then another contestant will be sent home on dancing with the stars. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, they've played at courses around the world. couple is a local accusing a local golf course of discrimination? can't the redskins win? tim has the coach's reaction on this day after. >> thousands come together on the national mall for the first its kind atring of
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this location. we'll tell you what's going on, coming up. you canon't forget, still be a part of our town hall on the isil terror threat. go to and click on the town hall audience former. on that web page to be in our audience here. the town hall will air thursday 8:00 on
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>> oh, another monday. another sad day for redskins fans. >> we gotta stop this. we've got to stop meeting like this. tim brant here. on? is going why can't they win? >> first of all, let me tell you, this town is creditably frustrated right now. this is not just a regular monday. but the redskins are to the even jay gruden goes, hey, what are we now, 1-and-6? no, 1-and-5. i'm getting ahead of myself. in a slump. are with ten games left, there is time to correct some of their mistakes. but holy cow! four turnovers? never win with that. fitzgerald?tz he's trying to strip him but he doesn't get it. loss, like the other four, was a breakdown by a lot of people. and they still -- still had a chance to win it at the end!
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>> it's a little bit of both. not going to sit here and blame the players for poor execution. i don't think the players can up and say it's the coaches. i think it's a combination, when you have the record that we have. we all understand that, we're all willing to accept the fact that we're all down, thee city better chance we have to get out of the rut. >> no question about that. got off thee backs bus back pedaling. well.till haven't tackled gruden did say that rg3 will start individual drills this drills next week. so he's getting close. by the way, the redskins are favored by four over tennessee sunday. the tysons record is -- titans 2-and-4. just there's hope. they do have some talent. >> so you're saying we've got a chance. million to one? >> ha ha! >> coming up at 5:00, we now what caused a hayride to lose control and crash, killing a person. >> a d.c. paramedic went out of
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service yesterday after
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you are watching abc seven news at 5:00 with leon harris, alison starling, chief meteorologist doug hill, weather, and tim brant, sports. this is abc seven news at 5:00. on your side. >> as more ebola scares happen around the u.s., emergency crews are on alert. unitw a local ambulance
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responded to a scare. >> i him in front of paramedic engine company 13 in southwest and they had a scare yesterday after they worked with medic 19 to treat a woman in this area. the hospital said that they feared the woman had ebola. engine 13 was out of service for about an hour yesterday after an ebola scare. it was sparked by george washington hospital personnel. engine 13 assisted medic ambulance 19 with a woman who had become ill where they transported her to george washington, where she said she had been to africa. someone at the hospital sounded the alarm without following protocol. the engine and medic unit were put out of service. of there ems learned air, they cleaned the units in a standard way and put them back in service. is a lack ofe
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education or exposure, there is a concern. >> we spoke with the medical director who said these units are equipped to handle these cases and he themselves safe. glasses, and gloves. this is the baseline of the foundation of personal protection for our careers. following these principles along with a strict attention to handwashing and decontamination keep our staff say. >> as for the public watching this play out -- >> i do not think about it so according to the stories, it could happen to anybody. >> i should not say fear, but concern, yes. definitely. concerned,remely people who work on the and dylan says and wonder what they are supposed to do if they suspect a patient has ebola and when to pull out protective gear. confirmed department
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that the woman hospitalized at george washington university hospital does not have ebola. we were unable to reach anyone at the hospital today for comment. sam ford, abc 7 news. man who livedle at a home day care center is charged with producing child pornography. ewicz was arrested at his home which is registered as a licensed family day care center. multiple electronic which out pornography on them. he is being held without bond. >> a virginia man faces charges for knowingly trying to transmit the hiv virus. is he allegedly did not tell a young woman that he had hiv. >> police in charles town
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believe a waldorf woman whose body was found in a parking lot was intentionally ran over by a car. are focusing the investigation on the husband, who they say is a person of interest. is stepping up outreach at hospitals across the nation after a dallas nurse treated and a bowl of patient and becomes the first person to contract the virus in the u.s.. >> it is time for a check on the traffic situation. drizzly conditions on the federal halliday. -- federal holiday. things are generally well in the area. 66 is an exception because normally you have three. the shoulder lane is closed. it's really not doing too badly. on 270 south on we had a truck fire.
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that is getting a lot of attention. the 66 is doing ok in the 395 is running well. a brief slowdown and the express lane murder. -- merge. >> we know the names of the two adultsn and three who were killed in a traffic crash. acura was rear-ended by a mercedes. the victims in the actor have been identified as 32-year-old typhany wilkerson, one-year-old hassan boykin, 13-year-old khadiua ba, and 15-year-old tamika curtis. a woman killed in the mercedes was identified as dominique green. the driver of the mercedes is in
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critical condition. speed and weather may have been factors. >> still to come, what happened that sent a bouncy house flying? people gathered at the lincoln memorial to pray today. coming up, the first images of the 26-year-old nurse. her and her dog both in isolation. how did she get a bola -- ebola? reported tornadoes at this hour. bracingons of americans tonight.
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a developing story out of new jersey were seven high school football players were accused in a hazing scandal. canceled thendent football program for the year
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and is deciding whether it will come back next year. the players range in age from 15-17 and were charged with sexually assaulting younger teenagers. critics say that anti-bullying laws do not do enough to address sports team. an accident on an new hampshire farm after a bouncy house went airborne with children inside. two brothers are in the hospital. it is not the first time it has happened. >> it is a high-flying or becoming too common -- a bounce house filled with children inside taking flight. it happened again at what should have been a fun festival at a new hampshire farm. >> a bouncy house has blown away. are injured, one critically, after window launched an inflatable house as high as 30 feet into the air. then it traveled about 50 feet before crashing down in this apple orchard. >> one is unconscious. >> it came straight down.
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>> a two-year old boy was airlifted to a boston hospital. his three-year-old brother is also hospitalized. says itce house owner was not secured to the ground because it was not ready to be used. >> it was any restricted area. it was not open to the public. >> the father of the boys said there was no sign the bounce house was not open. >> i asked how much was it. they said, it is free. surveillance video in china captured a bounce house flipping over, injuring 14. a dust devil in nevada launched an inflatable slide 300 feet, injuring two. experts say these attractions must be supervised and always securely staked into the ground. we now know what caused a deadly accident on halloween hayride attraction in maine. a mechanical problem caused a
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jeep that was pulling a wagon full of passengers to careen down a steep hill and slam into a tree. one teenager was killed. with the 20 other people were injured in that saturday night crash. the fire marshal is looking at whether the wagon was overloaded in that could have caused the problem. >> see what family-friendly airline seats could look like >>. dick'sy the ceo of sporting good is apologizing to a 12-year-old girl. a husband and wife were turned away from a golf course because he i
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>> a local couple that has golf their way up and down the east coast says they were discriminated against by a coursely-owned a in prince george's county. >> they say it was because of a wheelchair. golf, you have no choice but to face the tea alone. fairway, their support on
5:45 pm
the right. -- they have support. the couple has golf together for more than a decade. 70 -- two tis a week. never a problem until a month ago. >> this is the first course that ever made me feel disabled. >> dean is talking about another course -- enterprise in mitchellville. it is publicly owned. they said, he is not going out on the course, izzy? i said he is coming with me. they said, he cannot do that. >> they said they would have to use a golf, something he physically cannot do. >> it was embarrassing to sit in the pro shop while he came up with excuse after excuse. >> they consider what happened to them discrimination.
5:46 pm
they filed a complaint with the department of justice, claiming that enterprise highlighted the americans with disability act. the course says that it was a matter of liability, not disability. all he had to do was pay the greens fees and take along some clubs and he would be good to go. >> we have a policy that says we do not allow spectators. >> she says that if dean had acted like a payer by playing to pay, he would have waived the liability. >> so we has to tell a lie to golf with his wife, according to policy? >> we are not asking him to live. the point is that we are not allowing spectators on the course. >> that policy is clearly stated in the clubhouse. as for liability, players do not sign anything before they take the course. >> nothing surprises me anymore, unfortunately. not shocked by what
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happened, but he says if enterprise employees have standard policy for all, there is no 88 file asian. violation. is no ada goods hassporting issued an apology for not featuring female athletes in the 2014 basketball catalog. 12-year-old mckenna peterson wrote a letter to the company about her love of watching and playing basketball. her words have gone viral and she has picked up a lot of support. in the apology, ed stack, the ceo, said that he will make sure that female athletes will be in the next catalog. toone airline wants make flying easier.
5:48 pm
there can sitting booth-style seating, which would allow parents to sit face-to-face with their kids. have flight is to attendants with crafts and games to entertain children. it is possible they will be on planes within five years. >> it means that your kid will not be kicking the back of my chair. [laughter] >> isn't that the worst? we will see if that ever happens. >> let's see if we will get some sun anytime soon. >> tomorrow is a transition day between cool, drab, and drizzly pattern and a stormy pattern expected here wednesday. still more patchy drizzle this evening. temperatures holdg in the 60's overnight and will be in the 60's. doppler isne on artifacting out to the west.
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nothing so far. just a little drizzle and fog is all we expect. petersburg, 74. 71 in southern maryland. the wind will warm up tomorrow and become breezy ahead of this cold front and there will be periods of sunshine. this is the story you will your tonight. damage fromports of thunderstorms and possible tornadoes from a strong cold front from st. louis all the way to the gulf coast. we're not expecting severe weather on wednesday but we will expect gusty winds and rain at night, but it will clear up. as for his timing, we see sunshine indicated tomorrow and clouds tomorrow night. morning, the rain is on the doorstep. fog and cloudy skies, in the 60's overnight. it looks like the skies will be bright and breezy tomorrow in the 70's. clearing for the weekend. repeat -- clearing for the
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weekend. that sounds good. we'll have more it 6:00. >> we are gathering more details on the texas health care worker who contracted the ebola virus. what the cdc is saying about how she got the disease. the candidates for maryland governor face off in the abc studio for a debate. you can listen to their views on hot issues. call it a collector's dream. have those stories and more at 6:00. >> we are talking about the skins today. another depressing day. >> that is exactly right. it is monday, it is gloomy, it is wet, and the redskins lost. as the redskins are, you cannot tell me that the skins do not have some talent on that football team. they do. they have more youth and bake-time power. to be brutally honest, youth equals inconsistency. now it becomes mental and i mean big-time.
5:51 pm
for jay gruden, it must be a burgundy and gold blur. 1-6. what are we, 1-5? i'm losing track. >> is 1-5 now. following a protectable outcome sunday. >> you name it and the redskins did it. that defense, bad luck as well. and when the game was at his crews will, baffling interceptions -- not one, but three in the fourth quarter. >> if you turn the ball over, you don't give a chance to show what they can do. got to be a lot better. >> if i had one area where i sit we could improve here, i think we would have a great understanding of what we need to do. right now, it is a little bit of everything. a smorgasbord of things we need to work on. it is not one area. selling to make changes before his team really falls 21-6. >> you have to do something
5:52 pm
different. status quo is not doing so well. >> not well at all. the baltimore orioles are in kansas city trailing the royals 2-0 in the best-of-seven. the game has been postponed by the severe weather. game three will be play tomorrow night. game four on wednesday. the national league, with the giants of one game to none. ng leads off the cardinals' half with this shot off of sergio romo. walk-off ballgame. championship series is tied at one game apiece. the orioles play game three tomorrow. >> thank you very much. we should not be watching the giants and st. louis. we should be watching nats highlights. this is going to make both of
5:53 pm
you happy. penelope cruz is this year's sexiest woman alive according to "esquire" magazine." she is known for her roles in movies like "vanilla sky." she is married to actor javier barred him -- javier bardem. >> that does not make us happy. because she is not sitting right here. [laughter] >> so demanding. >> that is ok. we have alison starling. >> i am a brunette. >> that works. [laughter] >> coming up next, thousands of people come together at the lincoln memorial to pray.
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>> interesting-looking changes on the way to baltimore harbor. they are trying to change the
5:57 pm
water quality issue by using a water wheel. it will collect the trash and debris downriver and and sup on a conveyor belt. the goal is to make the harbor's swimable,-- harbor which would be age big chaange. >> they were there to pray for d.c. and the surrounding cities. ♪ >> they have come to this american landmark throughout the region. >> corner of virginia. >> sharing a common goal of unity and optimism. >> we can learn to love one another from the heart. >> through prayer. >> the first ever washington brings together 400 local churches with focus on improving care for the thousands who are homeless in the area, along with more. among the thousands here today,
5:58 pm
many are praying for a positive course correction regarding the problems currently facing the d.c. area and the country as a whole. >> unrest in places like ferguson, missouri. threat ofg ebola, and the battle against isis in the middle east. >> more violence, not nation against nation but people again people. >> i think that something like this is good. >> this gathering, she believes, delivers hope. >> i think it can get better. i hope to get better. >> a feeling shared by many people, whether they are here or not. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> we will take all the help we can get. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> more on the search to explain how a texas health care worker
5:59 pm
contracted the ebola virus. >> the candidates for the race of the maryland governor's office in our abc studio where they stand on tough issues. >> unique pieces from a local landmark at the auction block. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. from the abc seven broadcast center, this is abc seven news at 6:00. on your side. >> we are learning more about the texas health care worker who became the first person to a contract ebola. she is identified as nina pham. scott thuman is live with the latest developments >>. says it has its top team on the ground in dallas to monitor all the hospital workers that cared for the first patient, thomas duncan, who died
6:00 pm
wednesday. the concerns have been amped up because the nurse who has now ebola was wearg protective gear. >> we need to consider the possibility that there could be additional cases. nurse nina26 rolled pham, despite taking precautions, become infected? what she properly suited up? do health care workers the better equipment? topics today as president obama was briefed on efforts to stop the spread. worries amplified since it is no longer just about keeping it out of the u.s.. it is now here. onif you have a cut your skin, it can get indirectly. otherwise if it is on your skin, and you touch your eyes or mouth, it could get in. canvassing the neighborhood of the infected nurse. while they were monitoring 48 duncan context, there is a new chain, one close relation to pham and her dog as


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